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10 Tips for Making Paid Ads More Engaging

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When you are spending money on paid ads, it’s critical to ensure that customers see and interact with your message. Simply throwing cash at advertising doesn’t automatically result in more significant profit margins. Instead, you need to be strategic about your messaging and make sure you reach your ideal demographic.

Initially, market research can help you dial in the ideal demographic and craft the messaging. Then, you can continue to refine your online marketing strategy to improve the overall results of paid advertising.

The truth is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create engaging and creative ads. Implement these proven strategies to improve your results and optimize your ad spend:

Tip 1: Use Different Types of Media

People don’t spend a lot of time reading text, which is why images and videos are critical to capture people’s attention. Select pictures that draw the reader in or videos that are both interesting and engaging.

The combination of media and text is an effective way to reach people with different advertising preferences. For example, the image can capture a person’s attention. Then they read the caption for more information.

Tip 2: Learn More About Your Target Demographic

Who are your target customers, and what do they need right now? Knowing your audience is essential so you can dial in your marketing messages to speak to their wants, needs, and pain points. Remember that people buy to solve a problem or achieve the desired result. For example, a customer doesn’t purchase a bottle of face cream – they are buying the anticipated effects of smoother skin.

Look at target keywords and understand the thinking behind these search queries. Then, take it to the next level by creating an audience persona to have a visual representation of the people you are interacting with.

Tip 3: Identify Your Brand

Even if someone doesn’t pull out their credit card the first time they see your message, paid ads can be a great way to spread brand awareness. Dial-in your brand so you can maintain consistency in every piece of online content.

Branding includes the colors, images, and voices you are putting out there. The goal is to help potential customers become more familiar with your company. Then, they will remember your brand when they are ready to buy.

Tip 4: Study the Competition

Pay attention to what your competitors are doing with their paid ads. Most companies that are spending a lot of money on online marketing are putting in the time and effort to understand the demographic and optimize campaign results. You can learn from their research to improve your own paid ad campaigns.

Check out your competitor’s videos, banner ads, and social media posts. Pay attention to which pieces of content get a lot of engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares. When you learn more about why the content goes viral, you can implement the same strategies into your content generation.

Tip 5: Tell a Story

One way you can make a message memorable is by telling a story. Good storytelling is the art of combining education and entertainment with the ultimate result that influences and inspires the audience.

People spend time online for entertainment. Boring messages quickly get lost in the sea of posts, images, and videos. When you tell a story, it transforms a boring piece of content into something that people want to see.

Tip 6: Ask Questions

When people are thinking, then it increases the likelihood that they will take action. One way you can promote engagement with your ads is by asking questions that your audience wants to answer.

A simple, punchy question turns on the action part of the lead’s brain. Their mind automatically starts looking for answers. This psychology helps people stop and interact instead of scrolling past the ad.

Tip 7: Reduce Text on Images

Most advertising platforms don’t have a limit on the amount of text you can place on images. But more isn’t necessarily better! If you are designing ads with text on images, reduce the overall amount of text and decrease the font.

The goal is to engage the person through the image with a little bit of text to add clarification or additional information. Make sure the focus always stays on the picture instead of the words.

Tip 8: Design Vertical Paid Ads

Consider the way your paid ads will be showing on the customer’s screen. On social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, it’s common for videos and images to be viewed vertically. When people are holding their phones and scrolling social media, the phone is usually positioned vertically.

So, the best orientation for your ads is to design videos or images with either a square or vertical aspect ratio. This design will optimize the use of the screen and ensure that your paid ad is visible and easy to understand.

Tip 9: Include a Call to Action

What is the action step you want the customer to take when they see your ad? Including a call-to-action button or invitation is a powerful way to move the person from viewing your ad to engaging with your brand.

Identify your objective with the marketing campaign. For example, do you want the person to click through to view a product? Or, maybe your goal is to get people to opt-in to your email list? The paid ads can set the foundation to increase your conversion rate when the lead clicks through and comes to your website.

Tip 10: Hire a Marketing Expert

You don’t need to be an expert in your business industry and study online marketing at the same time. Instead of re-inventing a new strategy, it’s more effective to leverage the knowledge from a team that understands the best practices in online marketing.

At ARYU Advertising, we offer full-service marketing solutions, including paid ads, lead generation, and more. If you are interested in learning more about how your business can benefit from online marketing, we invite you to contact us for a conversation about these services.