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8 Tips for Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

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It doesn’t matter if you are launching a new content marketing strategy or looking for ways to upgrade your current marketing plan; there are things that you can do to optimize the overall results.

Are you looking for updated content creation and distribution strategies to include in your plan? Our team at ARYU Advertising is here to help! These are some of the top solutions that you might consider adding to your content planning this year:

Tip #1: Identify Your Content Strategy Goals

What is the purpose of your content promotion? Having a clear goal is essential because it helps you create content that aligns with the objectives you want to achieve. Simply put, a content marketing strategy is planning, creating, publishing, and managing content for your website, social media profiles, and other digital platforms.

You might be investing in content with the goal of driving more traffic to your website or bringing in qualified leads. Content marketing can also help increase brand awareness, which can have a positive impact on success now and in the future. Publishing good content that speaks to your target audience is a great way to build a reputation and trust with your target audience.

So, identify the top reason why you want to publish online, then start on content planning to help you achieve this goal.

Tip #2: Set Your Budget

The good news is that an effective content marketing strategy can be a great investment because of the long-term results you can achieve. When you compare the cost of content marketing with other types of advertising, you will see that content marketing can be quite a bit more affordable.

In many situations, combining content marketing with paid advertising can be a valuable strategy. For example, you might notice that certain keywords are performing well in your paid campaigns. Then, use those keywords to create related blog posts, social media posts, videos, and more.

Tip #3: Identify Your Target Customers

What is your ideal audience that you want to reach with your content marketing strategy? Know who you are speaking to because you have more information to ensure the messaging aligns with the demographic.

As you are researching your audience, use a data-driven approach to identify patterns in the way people are interacting online. This information can provide valuable insights to dial in the personas you are targeting. Look at age, gender, income levels, hobbies, employment, family structure, and more. Then, you will be able to identify the most effective talking points that can be woven into your content creation.

Tip #4: Focus on Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is not only effective right now, but the content can be beneficial in the coming weeks, months, and years. While time-sensitive content promotion, such as holiday sales, can bring in a surge of traffic, the leads will stop coming after the promotion is over. Ideally, you need a combined content creation plan using both promotions and evergreen pieces.

For example, one social media post that goes viral or a blog post that ranks high in the search engines can turn on the flow of traffic and potential leads for your company. You do the work once, and customers keep coming over and over again.

Tip #5: Reuse Current Content

While it’s a good idea always to include content creation in your marketing strategy, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of reusing current content as well. You might be able to identify ways to repurpose older content.

For example, if you have a YouTube video with a lot of views, edit the transcripts from the video to create a blog post with the video embedded in the post. Also, share the video on Facebook and other social media platforms to get more views and share the information with new people.

Tip #6: Create a Content Publishing Schedule

Does it feel like you have a long list of to-dos in your content marketing strategy? It’s easy for these tasks to fall to the back burner if you are busy with other responsibilities. Too often, content creation doesn’t take priority. When something urgent comes up, the blog posting gets pushed back another week.

The key to successful content distribution is to make sure that you are publishing regularly. Set up a calendar, then be proactive about sticking with the content publishing schedule. When you are publishing on a regular basis, the results add up over time. A little bit of consistent effort leads to a strong digital profile in the future.

Tip #7: Publish Different Content Types

As you are working on content creation, look for ways to publish different types of content. Instead of creating one blog post, use that same topic to create a video and a podcast. Pull a quote from the article to create an image that can be shared on social media.

Outline the publishing system you want to follow, then create a workflow so that you have all these pieces ready to go when it’s time for content distribution. Often, a good strategy is to leverage the skills of different team members. For example, one person might write the blog post and pass it along to another person who creates the image. Then the third team member works on the video and audio production.

Tip #8: Track Performance

Once you have published the content, make sure that you have data analysis as part of your content marketing strategy. See which content pieces are performing the best, then use these ideas to build new content pieces in the future.

These data insights are invaluable for improving your content strategy going forward. In the beginning, you are trying different things to see what is working. Then, you can refine your approach to not only optimize performance but also maximize your budget at the same time.

Pro Advice for Your Content Marketing Strategy

There’s no need to start from scratch with your content marketing strategy. If you want the fastest results possible, reach out to our team at ARYU Advertising. We know the strategies working in today’s market and can implement a new plan that will bring in the leads you desire. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about the ways that we can help.