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Tips for Selecting Hero Images to Boost Your Conversion Rates

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, we like to say.  But we often find ourselves doing it anyway.  When you’re deciding on a company to purchase a product from or one that you want to hire services from, visiting a website or simple landing page can quickly sway you one way or another.  This is where hero images come in, engaging viewers, and boosting your conversion rates more than you could have expected.

Have you ever visited a webpage that was less than appealing?  You instantly wonder about how professional or trustworthy that company is and if they don’t care enough to create an attractive webpage with images that catch your eye and tell you about what the company does, will they really deliver quality products or services that you desire?  You’ll probably find yourself more willing to give your money to another company or individual with a web page that is informative and most importantly, draws you in and gets you excited about what they have to offer.

What’s a Hero Image Anyway?

You may be wondering what Avenger hero we are going to tell you to place on your webpage to attract more business, but hero images are a bit different than they sound.

A Hero Image is an image or a video that is placed on your landing page to show your customers what you’re all about.  It’s like a huge banner image at the top of your site.  When someone goes to your webpage, it’s the first thing they see.  It’s one of the best and most effective ways to make your website attractive and keep the viewer on your site, wanting to see and know more about what you offer.

Hero images aren’t just pretty pictures though, they have a purpose.  Visitors to your site feel something when they look at it, you are pulling them in and showing them how you can solve their problem or offer a product for them to enjoy.

Are Hero Images Only About Design? 

Hero images obviously take the design of your webpage to another level, but they can also increase your conversion rate too.  By drawing in your website viewers and clarifying your brand and product/services offered, potential customers will easily know what they need, why they need it, and see themselves with it.

You’ll see visitors to your site become more than visitors, they’ll become your new valued customers and clients.  Much of that can be contributed to your website’s Hero Image and how it captures viewers’ attention and tells them what you have to offer.

Where Do I Get My Hero Images?

There are all kinds of websites you can use to choose just the right Hero Image.  High-Res pictures will ensure that your images are sharp to viewers with all different screen sizes.  If possible, try to avoid using stock images, but if you must use them, customize them as much as possible.

Do your homework on high-quality image loading times.  You can compress the image, play with different image file types and more to reduce the time it takes your Hero Image to load. The faster your site loads, the higher your site will rank on Google over the slower sites.  Google offers a tool to help you analyze your download speed and where you need to make changes called PageSpeed Insights.  Check it out and learn all you can.

Try taking photos on your own.  Unique and original Hero Images are worth the work it might take to get them!

How Do I Choose the Best Images?

You have only a moment to make a first impression.  The images you choose to represent your company and what you do is vital, it’s not something you want to rush through.  Your choice will also depend on what kind of product or service you are selling.  Put some serious thought into your choice and consider the following tips for selecting the right Hero Image for your business:

  1. Make it clear what you want your visitors to know about your business from the image you choose. Also be sure that any headline or title coincides with the image.
  2. Choose images of people that are relatable. If visitors to your site can see themselves in the images you choose, they will be able to see themselves buying or doing what you sell.
  3. Be sure the colors you choose portray the emotions you want and/or match your brand look and feel. For instance, use blue as a cool calming color, red to evoke passion or strong vibrant colors to make your headline pop. Colors can do big things without much effort!
  4. Use headlines and text to strengthen your message. While it’s not a must, using text to clarify or reiterate the message you’re trying to send with your Hero Image can be helpful, but not always necessary.
  5. Be sure that the image you choose is authentic and embodies your brand and what you want to represent.

Tap into Our Digital Marketing Experience

Need help choosing the perfect Hero Image?  Ready to take things up a notch?  Our team is ready to assess what you’re currently doing, identify where improvements and opportunities exist, strategize, set goals, and plan for implementation with you and your team.

We know that you and your people are what make your company great, and we want to be part of that.  At ARYU Advertising, we bring our marketing skills, expertise, and tech knowledge to the table as well as a level of reporting you can rely on to give you feedback on where things are working well, and where you need to change things up a bit to reach the maximum number of customers.

ARYU Advertising is a leading digital advertising firm prepared to help your business reach levels of success that have no boundaries.  Contact us to find out more about Hero Images and other ways we can help your company be seen in the digital world, in today’s world.