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Optimizing Your Marketing for Mobile: Reaching Consumers on the Go This Summer

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Now that the weather is warming up and people are packing for their summer vacations, it’s an optimal time to maximize the value of your mobile marketing campaign. Whether families are on the road or looking for activities they can do near home, there’s a higher likelihood they will be using mobile devices to search for information and services in the area.

Make sure your mobile marketing strategies are in place right now to ensure your brand is tapping into the available opportunities this season. The goal is to make it easier to reach your target audience effectively while also ensuring that these people have a positive experience interacting with your brand.

How Mobile Marketing Changes in the Summer

During the summer months, many people are out of their regular routines. The summer season is a time for fun and new experiences, which shifts the way people are making buying decisions during this time.

For example, it’s common for people to use their cell phones for travel planning. They might be looking for flights, searching for hotels, or planning stops along their route. Local search is also a common activity when travelers need restaurants and shopping destinations while they are on the road.

Additionally, if people are having fun with their summer activities, then there is a higher chance that they will be sharing more posts and stories on social media. This increase in posting means that they are spending more time on social media apps – giving your business more opportunities for brand awareness because of the ad views.

The reality is that this mindset during the summer often encourages more spontaneous purchases. People want to maximize their experiences, which means that they can be influenced by ads that provide the activities and services they are looking for.

Best Practices to Optimize Your Mobile Presence

Not only do you need to make sure that your business has an online presence, but it’s critical to make sure that everything is optimized for mobile interactions. One important part of your strategy is to design a website and content that are easy to view on small devices. Review this checklist to ensure you are getting the best results possible from mobile marketing:

  • Mobile Optimization: Your website needs to have a responsive design, which means that it adjusts depending on the type of device a person is using when they land on your site. Most websites are designed with desktop and mobile versions. But if you don’t already have mobile responsiveness in place, then it’s essential to make these upgrades as soon as possible.
  • Mobile Website Speed: How fast do the pages load when someone is viewing your mobile website? Fast loading times must be a priority, especially because people will often navigate away if they have to wait for a few seconds. Adjust the content and streamline everything to look good on smaller screens.
  • Mobile Content Marketing: Put together a content marketing plan that speaks to people’s needs during the summer months. For example, you might cater to summer activities or promote exclusive discounts during this time of year. If you are paying for advertisements, then make sure that the formats and targeting options are set up for mobile-specific needs.

Simple Strategies to Engage People On-The-Go

One key aspect of mobile marketing is to make it easy for people to interact with your brand when they are on the go. Here are a few tips that you might choose to implement in your mobile marketing campaign:

  • Location Based Marketing: Geotargeting can be an effective way to deliver ads that are relevant to users who are in specific locations. Through this strategy, you can capture the attention of travelers and residents alike, offering localized deals or recommendations for people who are nearby.
  • QR Codes: One way to encourage customers to engage with your brand when they are in-person at your location is by providing QR codes. For example, you might place these codes on marketing materials or in-store displays. When a person uses the QR code, it can direct them to mobile-optimized landing pages or special offers. Additionally, QR codes can be helpful for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • SMS Marketing: If you have a list of customers and leads who have opted in to receive SMS messages, then it can be a great way to share promotions and alerts. Write short and clear messages that are relevant to the summer season, including a Call to Action (CTA) or some type of invitation for the person to take the next step.


How to optimize your website for mobile this summer?

Make sure your website is fully responsive so it is easy to view and navigate on any device or screen size. Priorities should include fast loading times, clear content, and user-friendly navigation. Remember that users on mobile devices often have limited screen sizes and short attention spans.

What are the best practices for summer mobile marketing campaigns?

When you are creating mobile-friendly summer content, here are a few ways you can engage mobile consumers on the go this summer: focus on location-based targeting, share summer-specific promotions, and always use mobile-friendly ad formats, including vertical videos and eye-catching visuals.

How do I increase summer sales with mobile marketing strategies?

SMS marketing is a great way to send targeted promotions to your current list of leads and customers. Also, make sure to personalize the messages based on events and promotions that are happening during the summer.

ARYU Advertising Can Help with Mobile Marketing

Whether you are ready to get started with a mobile marketing campaign or you are looking for a website design company in Dallas. ARYU Advertising is always just a phone call away. We are here to offer the full-service marketing services you need to boost your business and optimize profit margins this summer – and throughout the year.

We invite you to contact us when you are ready to chat about the ways these marketing strategies will benefit your business.