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E-Commerce Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

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Just like the last several years, e-commerce sales are expected to continue to increase in 2023. This is excellent news, right? It is, but increased sales also mean more players coming to the game. With so much competition, how can you make your business stand out from all the others? Are there digital marketing trends that could play a part in getting noticed?

It’s important to keep up with the newest and best digital marketing trends out there. It’s not enough to do whatever your competitor does, though. You need to know what will work best for you. Let’s look at some of the top digital marketing trends for the coming year to learn which ones you should invest your time and money in this year.

E-Commerce Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2023

1. Personalization – Remember the days when you received coupons or were emailed deals for products you have never used before? Nowadays, our deals are personalized to us and our past shopping history. This is an excellent example of how companies customize deals for their customers in simple but effective ways.

Product recommendations and targeted video content can also help ensure businesses are targeting the right customers and not wasting time or money on those that aren’t interested in their product or service.

2. Content Commerce – We are all so tired of advertisements! Many times, we don’t even see them lurking about in different areas of the websites we’re viewing. Emailed ads are often ignored, and direct mail advertisements are swiftly thrown out.

Content commerce helps consumers to be presented with ads that blend in with the hosting platform they are using. This helps aid people in feeling more like they are naturally coming upon new ideas and products on their own. The way the ads naturally flow in and out of the overall user experience gives shoppers an effortless but effective encounter with products and services, as well as a productive conversion for business owners.

3. Local Search – Customers love to shop online, but they also love the choice of picking up orders or seeing items in person before purchasing. It’s convenient, and they can save on shipping costs.

Consumers love the idea of buying locally and investing their money in businesses close to home. If it’s feasible, having a brick-and-mortar store, even if it’s a small shopping area in your product warehouse where you’re fulfilling orders, can be a huge asset you can provide to customers.

4. Data Privacy – Data privacy and protection have become more and more important to consumers as online shopping has become an everyday occurrence for many. It’s a fine line that business owners must always walk as they strive to personalize the shopping experience while keeping customers from feeling like they have to provide too much information.

Things like not making customers set up an account to purchase from you can help protect privacy. Don’t default to having customer payment information automatically saved for future purchases, and don’t insist on collecting emails before each purchase. Show your customers and website visitors that you care about their privacy and give them control and a say over what data they must share.

5. Chatbots – More and more online shoppers are communicating with chatbots, freeing your staff to take care of more important needs. The increasing need and expectation consumers have of being able to receive answers to questions about your product or services 24/7 is only one way that using a chatbot is used as customer support. As chatbots become even more popular and their design improves, you will find that they may be a smart investment worth making!

6. Subscriptions – While many people dislike subscriptions, they continue to be a strong model for e-commerce this coming year and into the future. Subscriptions have been shown to be especially successful if the customer is given control of their purchase with the ability to cancel or sign up monthly. Free trials also intrigue shoppers to try subscription services before committing to a purchase.

7. Influencers Will Continue to Be Valuable – Potential customers have influencers they trust to motivate and inspire their daily purchases. If consumers have confidence in someone promoting your product, you are well on your way to gaining their business.

It depends on what kind of business you have if influencers would be helpful for your business. In general, having an informed and far-reaching influencer touting your company never hurts.

8. Social Media – Your business should have a social media presence. Your social media page can host videos about your company products as well as guide potential customers toward your website to complete purchases. Influencers will also be able to link to your social media page effectively. You want to make sure you’re showing up where potential customers are spending their time, and quite possibly, that’s on social media.

Adapting to Digital Marketing Trends

Not every marketing trend is right for your business. While new features are always “nice to have,” they aren’t all vital for each business to be successful. Knowing what advertising or marketing features have worked best for your company and current analytic information will tell you what trends should matter most to you.

If you have not chosen to examine analytics in the past, make it a top priority this year so that you know where you’re grabbing the attention of your customers or where you may be losing them. Consumer data is vital to continuing to grow your business.

Not Sure How to Start?

If you want to make a few upgrades to how you do business online but don’t know where to start, ARYU Advertising can help you be successful quickly and effortlessly. We can help you navigate the ever-changing e-commerce digital marketing trends, making it easy for you to keep up with new digital offerings and ideas. Contact ARYU Advertising to talk to a team member about how we can help your business flourish in 2023.