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The Evolution of Call Tracking

At ARYU Advertising, we understand the value of monitoring and measuring data in all online marketing campaigns. Call tracking evolution takes this process to the next level by monitoring real-time results and justifying your advertising budgets – down to the last dollar. Through call tracking, we leverage AI to know what happens with the phone calls that come through your ad campaigns. These advanced tracking strategies give you a complete picture of the success of each campaign, helping you improve overall lead generation quality.  

Call Tracking: Powered By AI

Leveraging Technology

Integrate AI technology with in-person touchpoints to build and maintain relationships with your leads and customers. This approach maximizes time and improves results for your sales team.

Online and Offline Data

Not only does call tracking evolution keep track of online data, but you can also integrate the system also to track offline data. Consolidate the most valuable information to improve your ad campaigns and sales funnels.

Powerful Investment

Dedicate your marketing budget to tools that work. Call tracking saves hours of time and minimizes the risk of leads “falling through the cracks.” Your sales team can always see the data to know the placement in the sales funnel.

How Call Tracking Evolution Works

Pre-Call Activity

Track each customer’s activities BEFORE they call. This system gives insights about social, email, and organic interactions before the call comes through – allowing you to attribute the activity to specific ad campaigns.

Automate Caller Experience

Use advanced features to ensure each caller has a personalized experience. Custom rules can be used to qualify and route the calls that are coming through from your ad campaigns.

Integrate Technology with
Other Systems

Integrate other systems with your business intelligence, including CRMs and offline platforms. Then, use this detailed set of data to improve conversion rates and expand your advertising reach.

Our Strategy: Evolution Beyond Traditional Call Tracking 

In the past, traditional call tracking offered limited information about the success of a campaign. Even though you had phone calls coming in, there was no way to measure the calls that resulted from ads. Call tracking and reporting provide the solutions you need to ensure the campaigns are working.



First, we integrate tracking solutions with your current advertising campaigns and analytics platforms. This method leverages digital extensions with capabilities that improve phone systems and data collection.



Call tracking provides detailed information about caller profiles, customer touchpoints, conversations, keyword tracking, referral tracking, call data, campaigns that brought in the lead, the source of the call, the landing page performance, and more.



Now that the data is coming in, we use this information to boost overall campaign performance. Call tracking helps us see where each customer is in the sales funnel, making it easier to optimize your ad campaigns.

ARYU Advertising: A Trusted Team for Your Advertising Strategies

You deserve to work with a marketing team that you can trust! Call ARYU Advertising to see how our full-service digital marketing solutions can make a difference in your online marketing results. In addition to modern call tracking, we integrate this strategy with various types of digital advertising to bring in leads and convert them to paying customers.

There are a few reasons why we stand out as one of the preferred teams for online marketing services. Our goal is to ensure that every client receives measurable results from their marketing investments.

  • Advanced, proven techniques to create and manage ads, bids, and campaigns.
  • Using images and ad copy to capture the attention of your target demographic.
  • Ensuring your messages reach the ideal customers through proactive demographic targeting.
  • Boosting ad and landing page performance through A/B split testing.
  • Testing various marketing methods and creating new ad campaigns.
  • Bringing in the leads necessary to keep your sales team busy.
  • Analyzing campaign results and conversion rates every step of the way.


  • ARYU Advertising uses a customer-centric approach to every engagement. Based on their deep understanding of various industry experience, they quickly turn around company specific goals and ideas into successful execution. I highly recommend using all of their services to accelerate your company’s growth and go-to-market strategy.

    — Syed Asad

  • ARYU is a comprehensive provider of advertising, web design, organizational branding and technical services with outstanding leadership and second to none service. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my ARYU teams and would recommend this group for anyone looking to expand their business! Thanks ARYU!

    — Sybell Hernandez

  • The doctors office I work for chose to work with ARYU for redesigning our website and working on getting leads. They were very professional and did a great job, as well as answering any questions we had along the way!

    — Jakob Stevenson

  • The best I have dealt with. Very professional, courteous, and did exactly as promised. I look forward to doing business with them again in the future and have already recommended them to many of my friends, family, and colleagues. Don’t look any further this the company you’ve been looking for. You won’t be disappointed!

    — E G

  • I had a great experience working with Misha and the team at ARYU Advertising. She was able to create the look I wanted for my website, even if I wasn’t sure exactly how to explain it. Her communication skills are top-notch – she kept me informed throughout the entire process, answered all my questions (and there were many!) quickly, was proactive in keeping me updated on everything that happened.

    — Nadia Watts

  • Met them at a trade show amongst other vendors but what stuck out with them was that the owner was involved and was being upfront without trying to fluff up the results like everyone else. Signed up with them and have been super happy and finally my advertising is working for me versus always fighting every month with my previous vendor. They come to me with problems and solutions.

    — Stephen Fucile

  • The team at ARYU advertising helped me revamp my company’s website with ease! Can’t recommend them enough!

    — clarisse winterlee

  • I used ARYU Advertising for my business website and creative for ads. They really stood out from other advertising companies I was also looking into. I noticed from ARYU that they were quick to respond to questions I had during my decision making. They were very well informed and had great ideas. I came to the table with some ideas but their ides blew it out of the water when it came to understanding my customer base and audience. They were always quick to respond and always keep me up to date with the project. I would highly recommend their services for any current or start-up business.

    — M Briseno

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