About Us

What do we do, who we are, and who we want to become.

What is ARYU?


ARYU is the collective persona of a team of fearless thinkers, doers, and leaders who know a thing or two about technology and marketing.


Before ARYU was conceptualized, it operated as Tech Critic’s digital marketing arm.


ARYU is evolving with the landscape and is making sure you are too!

For more than 15 years, Tech Critic has been leading Dallas-Fort Worth in technology and marketing. With the evolution of both fields, the blurred lines have become apparent of where one stops and the other starts. To avoid this confusion with clients, ARYU will focus only on digital services such as revenue generating paid media.

By harnessing today’s dynamic tools and advancements in technology, ARYU is poised to put your business front and center to reach its full growth potential and increase its sales.

What does ARYU do?


ARYU redefines how brands and businesses connect with their audience. 


Positioned firmly at the forefront of digital advertising, ARYU uses strategy, creativity, and technical skill to accelerate business growth.


Although ARYU materialized in 2019, its spirit lived through Tech Critic since 2003. From building networks to designing websites and developing mobile apps to driving web traffic; if it was tech related, ARYU got its hands on it. The separation from Tech Critic and subsequent “founding” of ARYU allows ARYU to focus on only one thing– using digital to grow brands and businesses.



Tech Critic is founded as a technology consultancy focused on empowering small businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth with networking and hardware services.



In addition to deploying and optimizing IT equipment to local small businesses, Tech Critic adds web design as a service to answer the growing need of its clients.



The internet is evolving, and Tech Critic embraces social media and SEO as inseparable from web design. A website wasn’t enough for small businesses to remain competitive anymore.



Mobile apps become part of everyday life, so Tech Critic integrated mobile app development into its service offerings for B2B clients.



Tech Critic eventually joined the Google Partners program and became a Google Partner, which granted us with Premier status to the top 3% of the participating companies each calendar year.



ARYU is born as an extension from Tech Critic. ARYU focuses on everything marketing, while Tech Critic focuses on everything tech

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ARYU knows how powerful digital marketing can be when done right. ARYU’s expertise can help you grow your business!