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How To Create a Social Media Strategy for 2024

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Now that 2024 is underway, it is clear that social media is continuing to be an essential part of every digital marketing plan. If you are a business owner, then it’s crucial that you are leveraging the power of social media to connect to your target demographic. Not only do you need to have a presence on the major sites, but also ensure that you are implementing the best social media strategy 2024.

As with other types of online marketing, it can feel like you are chasing a moving target when it comes to social media. Things are always changing! So, it’s important to work with a skilled digital marketing team to make sure you are getting the best results possible through your marketing investment.

Social Media Trends in 2024

What are we expecting to see in the social media world this year? These are some of the trends that will be prominent in 2024:

  • Relatable Content: While it’s important that your social media content is polished and presentable, there is no need to go overboard with graphics and features. The most effective content in social media are the messages that are honest and authentic. Brands that show the real side of the business, such as the behind-the-scenes or a live video of the team, are more relatable. As a result, customers can easily connect to the messages you are sharing through social media.
  • User Generated Content (UGC): Both Instagram and TikTok are continuing to grow, and one of the foundational elements is short-form content from many different people. Creators who share authentically have the ability to connect with a large audience. Brands can tap into this opportunity to partner with influencers who can share information with their distinct audiences.
  • More Videos: Captions and text posts aren’t going away, but the demand for videos continues to be on the rise. People are consuming videos on many platforms, including TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and more. You want your brand to be visible, which means that you must prioritize video marketing.
  • Social Search: Younger generations are turning to social media for searches more often than they are using major search engines like Google. So, when you are publishing content on your social media platforms, make sure it is searchable. Optimize the captions and titles, include keywords, and research hashtags to increase the likelihood of your post or video showing up in the results.

How To Build a Winning Social Media Strategy

Where should you start when you are ready to improve your social media strategy 2024? It can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you aren’t familiar with the industry. Here is a step-by-step guide to social media success in 2024:

1. Identify Your Goals: You can’t measure the results of your social media campaign if you don’t have specific results you are wanting to achieve. Start by determining the reason why you are investing in social media marketing. Get specific. Your goal might be to increase the number of leads you are connecting with, boost brand awareness, bring traffic to your website, or build an email list. Pick the goals, then shape your social media strategy 2024 to match the result you want to achieve.

2. Research Your Competitors: Not only will a competitor analysis help you see what others are doing in social media, but you can also identify strategies that will help you maintain an edge in the industry. Look at other companies who are offering products and services that are similar to yours. Evaluate the type of information they are sharing on their social profiles, then brainstorm ways that you can deliver better quality content.

3. Know Your Target Audience: When you can dial in your demographic, then it becomes easier to shape social media messaging that speaks to these potential customers. Who is going to be looking for the information you are sharing? You need to understand their problems and mindset. Create a customer persona, then design each piece of social content to speak to that person. Knowing your demographic makes it easier to create digital content and also helps to boost your conversion rates at the same time.

4. Pick the Ideal Platforms: Now that you know your target demographic, it’s time to identify where they are spending the most time online. For example, retirees often use Facebook, so it doesn’t make sense to publish TikTok videos if you are trying to reach this group of people. On the other hand, Gen Z makes up 60% of TikTok users, so you need to be prioritizing TikTok marketing if you want to reach this younger generation.

5. Create a Schedule: Consistency is key to building a successful social media marketing strategy. You can’t get away with posting once a month and hoping that it will turn a positive ROI. Instead, you need to ensure that you are showing up in your followers’ news feeds regularly. The most effective solution is to create a calendar to plan your upcoming social media posts. Your schedule should include all relevant information to support your team in publishing the content, including the social media platform, publishing date and time, content format, hashtags, images and copy for the posts, location tag, and more.

6. Assign Responsibilities: Choose members of your team to hold the responsibility for social media content creation and posting. Have quality checks in place to protect the consistency of your brand and business reputation. Provide these team members with clear guidelines and expectations about the publishing schedule, content requirements, and other relevant information.

Do You Need Help with Your Social Media Strategy 2024?

Are you ready to maximize the benefits of social media marketing this year? Reach out to our experienced team for more information. We offer full-service solutions, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (X), TikTok, and LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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