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Why is Mobile Advertising Important?

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When you are choosing the best way to use your marketing budget, how much should you prioritize mobile advertising? There are seemingly endless possibilities for advertising online, making it a challenge to know the ideal solutions that will get you the results you desire.

While various forms of online marketing can be effective, there’s no question that mobile advertising is a strong choice. When these campaigns are structured right, you can share your message with the ideal demographic and increase the number of sales that are moving through your business.

Statistics About Mobile Advertising

In fact, recent reports show that mobile ads might be 30 times more effective compared to other types of internet ads. More than 225 million American consumers own a smartphone. People can’t live without their cell phones and use these devices for entertainment, work, communication, and more.

Because smartphones are an integral part of daily living, many marketing experts agree that mobile marketing is vital to effective online strategies.

Are you using mobile advertising as part of your marketing campaign? If not, then you’ll want to implement these strategies as soon as possible after learning more about the potential benefits.

What You Need to Know About Mobile Advertising

There’s no question that the world has changed since the introduction of the first smartphone. What was once a luxury is now an essential tool that is used by people of all ages. In the past 15 years, the use of mobile devices is increasing. In fact, mobile devices account for 71% of customers’ total digital time.

People are watching less traditional media, such as television. Instead, they are spending hours of their day looking at their phones. As a result, many successful companies have shifted their primary form of advertising to mobile advertising.

Is Mobile Marketing Cost-Effective?

The good news is that not only are mobile ads affordable, but many brands have a high response rate to mobile advertising. Test out a few ads and look at your conversions and data to see how these marketing strategies are working for you.

With mobile marketing, you take the guesswork out of advertising. For example, with certain types of mobile ads, the only time you pay is when a potential customer actually clicks through and visits your store. So, you don’t need to pay for ad impressions and wonder whether the ads are actually paying off.

At the same time, mobile advertising helps you understand your customers better. You can look at personalized data to get insights about your target audience, including location data and other factors that can help you dial in the ads more effectively.

Real-Time Advertising

One of the benefits of mobile advertising is that you can send relevant marketing messages immediately. With this strategy, you can leverage both online and offline behavior to ensure that real-time messages are arriving on the smartphone at the ideal time.

For example, store visits help you see where the customer is engaging and when they are actively participating in the shopping process. Then, you have the power through mobile advertising to help close the deal by offering deals and specials to customers when it will have the most impact.

Other Benefits of Mobile Advertising

If you don’t already see the benefits of mobile advertising, there are a few more things that can help you understand why this form of marketing is so beneficial:

  1. Connect with Customers Where They Are: People are spending a lot of time with their cell phones in hand. Skip PC advertising and focus on mobile marketing because it increases the likelihood that your target demographic will actually see your messages. You are meeting them where they are online.
  2. Multiple Touchpoints: It’s rare for a lead to turn into a paying customer on their first visit to your website. When you are using mobile advertising, it allows you to implement multiple touchpoints so you can keep the person engaged until they are ready to buy. There are many ways that advertisers can connect with customers through mobile devices, including text (SMS), voice, multimedia messaging, billing touchpoints, mobile data and internet, and more.
  3. Relevant Ads for Each Individual: Mobile advertising delivers more of a personalized approach because they are intended for a single user. Since the message aligns with the person’s current interests and searches, it means the person will likely pay more attention to the ad.
  4. Know Your Demographic: Not only can mobile advertising drive traffic to your website, but you can also gather important information about your users – which helps you target future advertising more effectively. For example, you have information about subscriber profiles, context, time, and more. Eventually, you can leverage predictive behavior to improve the overall results from your advertising based on user history, preferences, and habits.
  5. Behavior Triggers for Mobile Ads: Certain behaviors can provide a “trigger” for an advertisement to show. When a real-time situation (such as a location or billing trigger) cues the mobile advertisement to be displayed, it maximizes response rates and addresses real-life needs.
  6. In App Ads: One effective solution for mobile marketing is to display ads in the apps that people are using on a regular basis. They are already comfortable and familiar using that app, which helps to improve the likelihood that they will respond to an advertisement in the app.

The Future of Mobile Advertising

Not only is mobile marketing effective right now, but experts are anticipating that these trends will continue gaining momentum in the future. Watch in the coming years: it’s likely that mobile ads will break new records and become more and more important due to the effectiveness of this marketing method.

You want to maintain a relevant presence for your business, which means that it’s essential to keep up with mobile marketing trends. Through this process, you can maintain your marketing performance and continue building your customer base, helping your company grow in the coming months and years.

One of the simplest ways to keep up with mobile advertising trends is to lean on the experience and knowledge from an expert team. At ARYU Advertising, our team is based in DFW and offers top-notch support for customers across the country. For more information about mobile advertising, digital marketing, and more, contact us to book a complimentary consultation.