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Top 11 Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your Online Presence

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The key to building an online presence is a quality, consistent content marketing plan. But most business owners don’t have the time or bandwidth to dedicate limited resources to implement an effective marketing strategy. If you want to connect with more customers online, then the secret to success lies in using the right content marketing tools.

Producing quality content takes time and is often a task that falls to the backburner. When other pressing business matters arise, then it’s easy to overlook your online marketing strategy. These content marketing tools help you stay ahead of your publishing schedule. As a result, you can build stronger customer relationships and connect with new leads online.

Here are a few top content marketing tools to consider when you are building a marketing toolkit for your business:

  1. Canva

There’s no doubt that you need visual elements to post in your social media feeds. But, it’s not necessary to bring a graphic designer onto the team when you can use no-code tools like Canva. This app provides a variety of templates and simple drag-and-drop solutions to create images, ads, charts, and more.

  1. iStock Photo

Just because you find a cool image in a Google search doesn’t mean that you can download the picture to use in your marketing campaign. The use of most online images is protected through copyright laws. So, you need to source your images through a stock photo site. Every good content marketing strategy includes quality images, and you can find millions of photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos through iStock.

  1. Grammarly

A few minor typos here and there can have an undeniable impact on your brand. Don’t send the wrong message by posting content with typos and errors. These issues are distracting from the quality content you are trying to share. Instead of paying an editor to go through every piece of content, leverage Grammarly to automatically catch common language issues. Not only does Grammarly solve your in-house editing issues, but it can also up-level your content by improving voice and writing clarity.

  1. Google Drive

Setting up an organized system for content assets is critical so your team members can quickly find and post the text and images. Google Drive is a cloud-based system for managing digital files, giving your marketing team access to share and distribute content on demand. Not only does Google Drive offer real-time editing, but it’s easy to maintain communication through comments and team collaboration.

If you are looking for a content marketing tool that allows both online and offline access, then Dropbox is a great alternative to Google Drive.

  1. Campaign Monitor

Even if you have a thriving social media following, the real money is in the quality of your email list. Ultimately, the goal is to get your followers to opt-in to your email marketing, where you can send automated and personalized messages. Campaign Monitor is one of the most popular content marketing tools when business owners need a simple solution for email management.


If you are going to dedicate resources to content marketing, then optimize your efforts by targeting the ideal keywords in your industry. is a user-friendly solution that allows you to understand the search engines by comparing keywords.

This free content tool is a great place to start. Then, you can upgrade to use paid tools in the future, such as Moz.

  1. Evernote

How often do you find notes, clips, and other ideas online that fit well in your marketing campaign? Evernote is a great place to organize your thoughts and record snippets of information when you come across marketing concepts. Too often, you’ll forget the idea if you don’t write it down. Evernote offers fast and easy solutions for taking notes and sharing these ideas with marketing team members.

  1. Asana

Who is maintaining responsibility for the never-ending marketing tasks on your to-do list? Delegation is essential: assign these tasks to other team members so you can focus your time on additional responsibilities in the business. Asana is one of many content marketing tools that let you create a workflow and manage team members working on the campaign.

Create tasks and assign the projects to various team members. Then, you always have a clear overview of your team’s progress with content creation and publishing.

  1. CoSchedule

Timing is critical to optimize the number of views you get on each social media post. But it isn’t always feasible to be at the computer during a specific timeframe to post during the ideal hour each day. CoSchedule provides centralized planning and calendar coordination. Use these content marketing tools to see the overall strategy for your upcoming publishing schedule. Also, the project management system helps you identify gaps where you need to bring on writers, designers, or editors.


Content creation is often the bottleneck that slows a publishing campaign. Narrato improves team member collaboration and optimizes workflow by managing your content strategy in one online location. Unique features include content approvals and delivery, as well as full visibility to improve overall productivity for your content marketing campaign. You need these content marketing tools to scale your content production, improve quality, and boost organization.

  1. Feedly

Instead of scouring the internet to find content ideas, you can quickly scan your preferred blogs and websites in one location. Feedly helps you stay on top of the industry and competition. This feed aggregator curates content to match your preferred topics or keywords. Then, you can save the best links and share them with your content marketing team through Evernote or other communication tools.

Personalized Solutions: Content Marketing Tools and Strategy

You don’t have to start from scratch when building a content marketing strategy for your business. As a business owner, it’s time to optimize your efforts by focusing on team management and business growth. Let our experienced team at ARYU Advertising handle all of your content marketing needs. Not only do we offer quality content marketing tools, but we also provide a full range of other digital marketing solutions. Contact us to learn more about the ways you can connect with clients online.