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The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Marketing

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It doesn’t matter what time of year it is – planning out your strategy for your holiday marketing can never happen too early. This can especially be true in the current online market. More and more people are shopping online as they spend more time using electronics while in quarantine, taking breaks while now working at home, or in hopes of reducing the threat of possible COVID-19 exposure in big crowds.

Your online marketing is even more critical now, and slightly shifting your regular marketing strategy can produce great rewards! Below are some helpful marketing strategies you can use during the holiday season to make your company stand out more than ever.

Get Your Website Ready for Customers

Whenever you’re thinking about hiring a company or simply buying from a business you don’t know about, one of the first things you do is look at their website, right? If their website is poorly done, inadequate, or even non-existent, you’ll probably think twice about giving them your money.

Whether you like it or not, your website is the face of your company. It tells your story, lets people know what you do and how well you do it. It can also give them information about prices and how to contact you. These are essential facts that your customer will want to be informed about.

Depending on your business, your website is where your customers will purchase items directly from you. Therefore, having a system that is easy to navigate is a big deal, as well as including different options for payment.

No matter where your website is now, there are always ways to improve it. So step it up this year with your website, and it will do more for your company’s success now and in the long term than you may have guessed.

Use Video Content

Today, so much marketing is done on social media. Videos are a great way to quickly create organic material to promote your products or services and then include them on your social media posts.

Creating these videos with others can also be fun by collaborating on fun holiday topics or ideas. This can bring together not only your audience but your collaborator’s audience that you may not otherwise have had access to.

Get excited about your chance to be creative. Your customers will be more likely to watch your video posts if they are different, full of personality and information, as well as short and to the point. People will be able to get to know you and your character more. And the personal connection that can be created is a huge bonus.

Keep it Simple

The holidays are an easy time to go over the top, but keeping it simple and relying on the basics can be just the right approach. Stay with what works and what has been working for the rest of the year. Obviously, you can have fun during the holidays with whatever marketing method you’ve been using, but don’t risk the reputation your customers have come to rely on.

Keeping things simple and recognizable to your customers will bring your existing customers back for more. They have come to trust you and your brand. Dramatically changing things for the holidays so that you appear shiny and new is not the experience your customers desire and have come to expect.

Adding small things to spruce up your holiday marketing can be just the ticket. Do your research and be creative in small ways that won’t test you and your team too much in an already busy time of year.

Send Emails – But Not Too Many

When you check your email inbox during the holiday season, think of how many “amazing deals” you receive each day. It’s overwhelming and soon becomes such a nuisance that you begin to ignore anything from a retailer.

It’s essential to stay in communication with your customers but not overdo it. What makes you want to open an email? Is it the catchy subject line? Could it be that a particular company usually sends something you value, like store coupons or valuable content about new products? Whatever it is, don’t waste your time with the regular sales pitch everyone else is offering. Instead, send fewer emails but load them with helpful, valuable information for your customers.

Don’t Go It Alone

Partnering with another company or influencer is always a fun change of pace and allows you to spread the word about what you do to new people and buyers. Having access to a whole new group of people to market yourself to is never a bad idea.

Many people are looking to give back, especially during the holiday season. Joining a non-profit company can fill this desire for your customers and shed some light on how your business cares for the community. In addition, local professionals and customers will be aware of your brand while helping those who need an extra boost. Get involved with your community and those around you. You never know where it could lead.

Getting together with an influencer that would make sense to partner with your industry is another great way to reach new customers through social media or other outlets. If there is an influencer that many people trust and seek advice from, you can’t help but succeed with their endorsement.

Holiday Marketing at Its Best

The last couple of years have brought a lot of change to businesses worldwide. E-commerce has and will continue to be a big part of your company, and stepping up your holiday marketing can be a fun way to engage existing and new customers. Plus, the holiday season is usually a make-it-or-break-it time of year for most companies.

If you’re ready to build your business like never before, contact ARYU Advertising today. We are ready to help you plan for success for your holiday marketing and beyond.