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4 Amazing Spring Marketing Tactics

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With the weather heating up and the days growing longer, we have finally moved out of the winter and are about to fully embrace spring. Spring is an opportune time for many people across the country to get out of the house and enjoy their day. Not only is the weather more conducive for outdoor activities, but there are also several holidays to enjoy along the way. From Earth Day to Mother’s Day and Easter, individuals have ample opportunities to create plans with their friends and families.

While spring presents plenty of opportunities to enjoy good weather and celebrate with family, businesses can also reap the benefits of this season. From the warm weather and holidays to the growing vegetation, there are plenty of key aspects of the spring season to focus on to boost your business in the coming months. Each season provides plenty of chances to strategically market your business to consumers, and spring is no exception. Additionally, you won’t need to overhaul your digital marketing campaign. You can cleverly include several spring marketing tactics to your marketing strategy to get the most out of your business this spring.

ARYU Advertising believes in taking advantage of any opportunities that present themselves to you and your business, whether they are holidays, major events, or even changes in season. As a premier DFW digital marketing firm, we are here to help your business make the most out of this season with these useful spring marketing tactics.

Promote Spring Cleaning

Spring is often seen as a period of rejuvenation or starting over. People look to spring as a time to shed the struggles and worries of months past, whether metaphorically or literally. A vast majority of Americans engage in household spring cleaning every year. With so many Americans already committed to the concept of spring cleaning, make it a part of your marketing campaign.
Promote spring cleaning by offering a sale on products that are older to make way for new models or versions.

Depending on what your business offers in services or products, you might be able to promote things that can help a consumer with their household spring cleaning. If they have already purchased a product from you in the past, encourage them to service, maintain, or clean these products. You can even use spring cleaning as a metaphor for positive change. There are so many ways you can use spring cleaning to help your business, so get creative!

Play on the Warm Weather

As we have already mentioned, spring often signals the start of warm weather. With the weather heating up, more and more people become active again. The weather allows them to engage in more activities than they could during the winter. Play on that fact. In your ad copy, be sure to include verbiage and language that discusses the heat and sunshine. Use warm and inviting language to get people active and moving, hopefully in the direction of your business. Don’t be afraid to include imagery synonymous with spring, as well!

Celebrate the Holidays

While it may seem obvious, it is still crucial to remember how useful holidays can be when marketing your business. Spring is full of holidays that millions of people across the country all celebrate. Mother’s Day, Easter, Earth Day, and more are celebrated during the spring. Each holiday brings something significant to your business that you can use to your advantage. Offer specials and deals that coincide with these holidays. For example, on Mother’s Day, you should market products or services that would be great gifts for mothers. On Easter, showcases things that will add to Easter festivities.

At the minimum, you can just utilize keywords associated with these holidays to get your business and your customers in the holiday spirit.

Add Splashes of Color

Throughout the wintertime, only cool colors, like blues, purples, and greys, are often the most common colors. However, as soon as Day Light Savings hits, lengthening the hours of daylight and signaling warmer weather, the time to get rid of cool colors and move to warm colors begins. With spring, the time to include bright colors is now. As we have mentioned already, people often view spring as a period of rebirth and rejuvenation. Nowhere is that more obvious than with the vegetation outside.

The grass gets greener, trees get fuller, and flowers of varying colors begin to bloom. With that in mind, adding splashes of color to your marketing campaigns would be a useful marketing tactic. Include bright flowers and vegetation in your imagery on social media, email marketing, digital marketing, and more. You can even update your logo and banners on social media to include bright flowers in celebration of spring!

Run Social Media Contests

You can get your audience engaged on social media in several different ways during the spring. Run contests that encourage your consumers to interact with your business and other users. Respond to users to make them feel more connected to your business. Run a spring-cleaning contest, asking them their best spring-cleaning stories or what they have done for spring cleaning! Encourage them to share with their followers with the hopes of leading to more engagement. Ask them to share pictures or images of them using your product or services. Offer a free or discounted product or service as an incentive.

This user-generated content is a free and easy way to increase your brand awareness to other consumers. User-generated content (UGC) is an extremely effective form of marketing. In fact, 90% of shoppers reported that UGC has a greater influence on their decision to make a purchase than all other forms of marketing, such as search engines, emails, and more. By running contests and promotions designed specifically for events in spring, you can increase user-generated content and boost your business.

As with every season, spring offers your business and brand an opportunity to boost your reach online with the hopes of improving your overall digital performance. From the many holidays to the warm weather, you can utilize several ideas to engage with your consumers. As a premier North Texas digital advertising firm, ARYU Advertising is here to aid your business’ online efforts year-round, not just in spring.