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How to Increase E-Commerce Sales During the Holidays

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” so the song goes. But is it for your business sales as well? The holiday season is an especially important time for businesses to bring customers their way to increase e-commerce sales and profit margins.

It’s that time of year for the holiday season to get started. If you need to strategize ways to increase business this year, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some quick tips to improve your holiday sales this year!

Take Advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the very best ways to direct customers searching for your type of products or services to your website. Of course, there are different types of SEO – the kind that you pay for (paid SEO) and the kind that organically occurs through unpaid search rankings.

Each type offers certain benefits, including cost differences, higher ROI, instant results, added credibility, and more. Deciding what your budget will support and what kind of SEO (or a mix of the two) is best for you is a step in the right direction.

With so many SEO strategies, hiring a professional marketing team to help may be the best way to get you started. ARYU Advertising knows all about what it takes to get you “on the map.”

Use Audience Targeting

Knowing your audience is key to understanding how to market to them. You want to know who your customers are and what they want, right? Some of the main reasons to spend time targeting your audience include:

  • Not wasting those marketing dollars – Creating ads and content for the right crowd in the right place will help you attract customers that are most likely to purchase your product, helping you increase e-commerce sales and your ROI.
  • Know who to re-engage – Build your brand loyalty and keep your customers coming back time and again by re-engaging them through messaging and special discounts.
  • Better SEO – Increase web traffic by getting the right shoppers on your page.

Offer a Good Deal

We all love a good deal and the feeling that we’ve truly got something great for very little. During the holidays, shoppers expect sales and discounts. If you are not offering them, they will look for a similar product or company that is.

Specials like holiday flash sales or free shipping can be what it takes to get a shopper to convert to a buyer. Maybe even offer a free gift with purchase or early access to new products for return buyers. Use your creativity to overcome the competition this holiday season.

Watch Your Language!

It’s the holiday season, and your language should coincide with the exciting feeling in the air. For example, instead of saying “something you may like…” say “Black Friday recommended picks for you.” Use festive wording to remind your shoppers to purchase your items for all those they love. Keep it fun, happy, and cheerful!

Help Your Customers Feel a Sense of Urgency

How do you help your customers feel like they need to make their purchase sooner than later? Consider providing a view of the quantity you have left of a product once it dwindles to a certain amount or even displaying the number of other shoppers looking at a related product at a similar time. If your customers know that their chance of losing out is possible, they may feel that sense of urgency you hope for, resulting in a quick purchase.

Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Finding ways to engage your customers is always a top priority for business owners. Social media marketing is a great way to do that. Social media platforms available for you to market on continue to increase, with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more being some of the top choices. Remember, it’s more important to have quality posts with regular new content than to have a presence on every social media outlet out there. Think quality over quantity.

How Is the Mobile Experience on Your Website?

We all know that online shopping rises every year. Mobile purchases included. If you’re not making it easy for your customers to shop and buy from their phones or tablets, you will lose a substantial amount of holiday profits and a chance to increase e-commerce sales for your business.

Getting shoppers to return to your site is influenced here as well. Think about when you have had a good experience shopping online for something. If you find a fast and easy website to get what you want and checkout, you’ll probably be willing to shop from them again.

Your business needs these return customers for the holidays and throughout the year. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If not, do what it takes to get it up to par. You won’t be sorry.

Provide Many Payment Options

There are so many methods of paying for items and services online, and people expect to be able to use them. If you are able, make it possible for customers to pay with more than one payment method on your website. The more options you have, your customers will likely follow through with their purchase.

Great Customer Service Always Wins

Customer service that is always looking to improve and take notes from their customers will be a great asset to your business and brand. If your customers feel like they can be helped quickly and efficiently by your customer service team, they will be much more willing to continue to buy from you again.

Consider adding to your customer service offerings through the following:

  • Chat capabilities
  • Ability to email and get a response quickly
  • FAQs listed for customers that access your website after hours

Ready to Increase E-Commerce Sales for Your Business?

After reading all about how to increase e-commerce sales, maybe you’ve realized it’s time to level up and hire an experienced advertising and marketing group to get you started. ARYU Advertising can help build your business through increased web sales this holiday season. Contact us to learn more.