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How to Create a Marketing Plan Where SEO and Pay-Per-Click Ads Work Together

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Creating a marketing strategy that gets you the most “bang for the buck” is everyone’s goal. No one loves to hand out money for marketing. Sometimes it can seem like you’re just flushing cash down the toilet, especially if you’re not tracking your results. There are so many ways to promote your products and company in today’s market, but utilizing your marketing funds in the best way for your business can get confusing. Do you use SEO and Pay-Per-Click? Should you rely on digital ads or social media for your marketing? Do you hire a professional group to do it for you, or should you handle it all yourself to save money?

If you have never utilized anything more than organic SEO marketing but are ready for more, ARYU Advertising can help you get there. While the endless options can be overwhelming for the average business owner, ARYU specializes in getting your online marketing where you need it to be in order to get the sales and results you desire.

What Is SEO and Pay-Per-Click?

When we say the words and abbreviations SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC), you first need to know what they are. While you may have an idea of what we’re talking about, let’s make sure you understand the important stuff.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is used to direct online traffic to your website or web page. There is organic or non-paid SEO or paid SEO. While you should probably plan to utilize both forms, strategize how much of your marketing dollars should go to paid SEO. Unpaid or organic SEO will target unpaid traffic, while paid SEO will target paid or direct traffic.

How SEOs are calculated can be complicated as their algorithms are computed and then dictated where people are directed to next. What someone searches for, including the exact words, close to what is typed, or even words that mean the same thing, will dictate the search results. Companies pay to be the first or one of the first results to pop up when someone searches for a company or product like theirs. Why? This is because people searching with words related to your company are potential customers, and quite simply their money could be yours. Everyone wants to be the first to attract those possible buyers!

On the other hand, Pay-Per-Click is where a business tries to drive traffic to their website by paying a search engine (like google, yahoo, etc.) or another website owner (like Amazon). They pay per click, getting charged only when someone clicks on their ad. Pay-per-click ads can be in the form of a banner ad or just as a phrase or keyword inside the content on a webpage.

When paying search engines for pay-per-click advertising, businesses or advertisers usually bid on keywords or key phrases that are applicable to the business they are trying to market. However, when you pay for words to be inserted into content on other websites, usually you’ll see a fixed price per click instead of a bidding system.

Hopefully, with the explanations of these two forms of electronic marketing (SEO and pay-per-click), you can see how important they could be to your overall marketing plan.

Why Not Just Keep Doing What I’m Doing?

You’re making a BIG mistake if you think that up-leveling your business by taking part in more strategized digital marketing is just too complicated and not something you’re ready to do. On the contrary, attracting customers that are legitimately looking for what you sell can be a massive step to boosting your overall sales.

Networking and manual labor will only go so far in advertising your business. When you skip over SEO and pay-per-click advertising, you are missing out on potentially reaching the whole world. You must get in the game to maximize the real potential of search traffic optimization.

Start by identifying trending keywords and key phrases. Then, you’ll see how your money can work for you, so you don’t have to do it all on your own. Next, you can try advertising on a few key websites. Maybe see how working together with influencers or other lifestyle websites related to your business can pull like-minded customers your way through pay-per-click advertising.

SEO and pay-per-click ads are critical components of today’s e-commerce sites and businesses. You must do things that you would never have before to make your presence known to potential customers. While much of the online marketing world is perfected by trial and error, it’s worth the time and resources you put forward to get the customers you need and desire.

Let the Professionals Help

If the electronic marketing world seems like it’s in another language or whole other space in time, allow someone with experience and knowledge in this area to help. The ARYU Advertising team is willing and excited to work with you and your business goals. We know how important online marketing can be to the future of your company. Therefore, we will work hard to strategize with you or for you so that you can quickly get started or continue growing your online presence.

SEO and pay-per-click advertising are not going away anytime soon. So if you feel like you have a bit of a handle on your online marketing but need some opinions on where to expand and move next, we have your back. ARYU Advertising can work with you and include you every step of the way.

We will not only educate you on what we feel is best for your business marketing plan but help you implement it as well. We love bouncing ideas back and forth with our clients as we develop campaigns and work together to create a complete plan. Together we can work toward achieving successes that you thought were out of reach. We want to see you achieve them all! Contact us to schedule an appointment to chat with our team of experts today.