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Effective Online Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2022

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The New Year is here, which means that many businesses are starting out with a fresh marketing budget to maximize opportunities in 2022. So how are you planning to focus your marketing efforts this year? The best approach is to leverage the strategies that are already working well for your industry while also looking at the latest online marketing trends to consider new methods for connecting with your target demographic.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a slow season or busy season in your industry; digital marketing must be a priority. Find a way to fit it into your schedule so you can start the year strong. Using online marketing trends right now will set your business up for success throughout the year. You can create new systems that bring in leads and customers, which adds to your bottom line.

Our team at ARYU stays up-to-date with online marketing trends so that you can focus on other responsibilities within your business. Here are a few tips we want to share for 2022:

Go Social

Social media isn’t new, but social platforms continue to offer unique opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Using online marketing trends for social media is a budget-friendly solution to build relationships with current and potential customers.

Consider these strategies for social media marketing:

  • Build Your Brand: Post regularly on your business social media profiles to establish authority in the industry and strengthen your brand. The words, images, and videos you use share the overall personality of your company, helping to draw in people who are interested in the products and services you offer.
  • Strengthen Relationships: While it’s nice to bring in new customers, many businesses find it more effective to keep current customers coming back for repeat purchases. The way to bring people back to your website over and over again is to keep your brand at the top of mind. Regular social media posts and interactions are helping to build better relationships with people who already know and like your business.
  • Local Advertising: Have you tried using social media advertising to share a message with potential customers in your local area? The power of paid advertising is that you can select specific locations and interests, ensuring that your marketing dollars are getting the highest impact possible.

Integrate Automation Tools

One of the reasons small businesses don’t prioritize digital marketing is that they feel like it will take too much time and effort to implement an effective plan. Keeping up with your online brand can indeed feel like a full-time job. The good news is that you don’t have to spend the entire day working on manual tasks.

Use automation tools that keep your marketing messages flowing without having to set a reminder that you need to log in and post a new message. Many tools are available that use automation to simplify and improve digital marketing campaigns.

Some of the latest online marketing trends use automation for:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media posting
  • Customer service
  • And more!

When you are designing these evergreen automation tools, add personal messaging and response that creates a high-touch experience for each customer. Nurturing the relationship with each potential customer is an effective way to build trust, which eventually leads to a purchase on your website.

Also, look for automation options in your day-to-day tasks, which reduces busy work and frees your employees to spend time on strategic activities. Automate repetitive and manual processes as often as possible so that you aren’t wasting time working “in” your business. Instead, shift your focus to work “on” your business so you can develop new strategies to promote growth and revenue.

Leverage Online Chat

Customers are expecting instant results when interacting with your company. Online chat enables real-time conversations without the inconvenience of someone picking up the phone. These one-on-one interactions are helpful so you can answer questions, provide product recommendations, and solve customer problems as quickly as possible.

Email marketing and support tickets are still helpful, but the delay in response can cause dissatisfaction. Online chat reduces the risk of emails that get lost in the spam folder. Plus, there are automation tools you can use to respond quickly and effectively when online chat requests are coming through.

Not only will your customers benefit from the convenience of direct messaging and instant replies, but your business benefits as well. For example, a recent study shows that online chatbots can have a positive impact on increasing sales.

Ask for Product and Service Reviews

Building social proof is a way to establish trust with people who are interested in trying your products or services. You can share information about what your business offers, but this internal messaging isn’t as effective as personal reviews.

One of the most effective ways to strengthen your reputation is by sharing reviews from current and past customers. Asking for reviews is an essential part of your strategy, regardless of the other online marketing trends you are using for traffic generation.

Not only should you be asking customers to share reviews on Google and on social media. But you can also re-purpose these messages by sharing testimonials on your website and social media pages.

Additionally, show how much your business interacts with customer requests by responding to reviews – both positive and negative. Thank people for sharing their experiences. If you see a complaint or poor review, it’s an opportunity to fix the situation and show how your company puts the customer first.

Take Advantage of the Latest Online Marketing Trends

Do you need help building an effective digital marketing campaign for 2022? As you explore your options, ARYU Advertising is a great resource to use. Our team stays dialed into all of the latest online marketing trends, offering each business a personalized approach that uses the most effective strategies.

Schedule a consultation for more information about digital marketing, including social media, PPC, and more. Contact us to book a time to talk to an online marketing expert.