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6 Tips for Reaching Valuable Customers in Valentine’s Day Ads

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Valentine’s Day and the few days leading up to it can mean everything for yearly sales, depending on your line of work. Therefore, creative and high-quality Valentine’s Day ads are critical. They can mean the difference between letting valuable customers know who you are and why they should get to know you and just allowing them to pass you by and purchase from your competitor.

If you haven’t considered doing Valentine’s Day marketing for your business before, it might not hurt to venture out and explore the possibilities. Your return on investment may be more than you initially imagined.

So, what’s your plan? Do you have your Valentine’s Day ads all arranged? If Valentine’s is really a big week for you, or you hope it will be this year, knowing some key tips for reaching your future customers through Valentine’s Day Ads can be valuable. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips to keep in mind.

Tips for Maximizing Your Valentine’s Day Ads

1. Use social media, but then think bigger!

Facebook and Instagram should never be ignored. They are essential to include in your marketing plan. However, consider some platforms beyond obvious social media sites, like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Reddit. Not everyone uses social media, and you could miss out on some significant opportunities to reach them if you limit yourself too much.

Let’s dive deeper into Pinterest as an example. It is another excellent platform that allows you to market to your customers in fun ways. This tool enables users to search for Valentine’s gift ideas, decorating ideas, and more, at any time of the year. So if people want to start planning for “V Day” before Christmas, it’s there waiting for them. You can arrange to be on top of your game and have your Valentine’s Day ads and marketing material out there for them to see as early as possible.

Know your audience and how they receive their information. Is it Snapchat and Instagram? Are your customers primarily moms on Pinterest looking for ideas and planning their projects, gifts, and activities for their family using this app and website? Ask around, take surveys, research, and plan accordingly with your marketing money.

2. Examine your customers and divide them for the most beneficial targeting.

When you map out your buyers, what traits separate them from each other? For example, are your customers primarily female? Do they buy right before the holiday, or do they usually buy well in advance? This will help you get the most bang for your buck with your marketing dollars and know when and where to put most of your attention.

For example, some buyers tend to plan more than other customers. Therefore, your marketing targeting your plan-ahead buyers should occur earlier in the season, including sales and promotions. Then, you can change up your deal to cater to last-minute shoppers closer to the holiday. This may lure the early shoppers into revisiting your website and purchasing again.

Re-engage with all past customers by reminding them who you are and why your product or service stands out. If they’ve bought from you before, chances are they would buy from you again if they liked your product. Run ads that focus on targeting existing customers. You can even offer deals in your email newsletter that are exclusive to returning customers. This will make them feel valued and promote a sense of loyalty to your company.

3. Grab customers’ attention fast by presenting your sales and deals upfront.

Nowadays, shoppers scroll through ads and sales quickly. They will miss you if you’re not touting your sales and killer deals loud and proud. If they click on your site to learn more, you better make sure that it’s easy to see your promotions on the front page.

Nothing’s worse than searching for a sale code or the things on clearance on a website. Make sure your customer experience is easy and seamless. Let them know how they can save money. Make it simple and straightforward, and your customers will be grateful and more likely to come back.

4. Understand when and where to spend your marketing dollars.

You may know that certain products are going to sell better during Valentine’s holiday season. So don’t waste time boasting about the items that just aren’t going to be selling until later in the year, no matter how badly you want them to sell. Instead, keep your ads focused on the season and the applicable items in your shop.

5. Don’t forget those that are buying for themselves!

While many are purchasing gifts for others around Valentine’s day, some buy for themselves. So when you’re planning Valentine’s Day ads that you’re considering, don’t forget to speak to the ever-increasing group that is treating themselves too.

6. Be fun and creative.

Be you, unique and wonderful. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and do something different. Different is what catches the attention of buyers. Have fun with it! You can create contests, organize giveaways, hold a Valentine’s Day event to get people excited about the holiday and your products or services.

Don’t forget to use all kinds of ad formats, too, as you’re planning for fun holiday marketing. Allow yourself to have the farthest reach possible by using more than social media marketing. You can exhaust all outlets and make a widespread ad campaign for Valentine’s Day this year.

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