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The Best PPC Ad Tips for Black Friday Sales

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It’s an exciting time of year when Black Friday makes its way around again. Exciting for businesses and consumers alike. In the past, it’s been all about the great in-store sales with lines and lines of people waiting to get in. Today, shoppers want to shop both in the store and at home experience, so some great PPC (Pay Per Click) ad tips are definitely in order to get you all geared up!

PPC Ad Tips:

Target and Then Re-Target Your Potential Customers

Shoppers are more and more willing to switch brands these days if they find one that delivers better value, quality, ease of access, and sustainability. It’s time you took advantage of this by bringing attention to your brand and away from the competitor they’ve been purchasing from.

Start to raise your brand awareness early by driving more traffic to your site through ad campaigns, paid SEO, and more. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to re-target this same crowd with your Black Friday messaging.

Create Special Black Friday PPC Campaigns

It may be tempting just to run your regular ads more often or up your bids on existing SEO campaigns, but doing so won’t get you the attention you desire. On the other hand, creating PPC ads unique for Black Friday deals can add excitement and awareness your regular ads won’t.

It’s Not All About Upping the Budget

You might think throwing money at your current ad campaigns or even your new ones is the way to go. However, while upping your budget for days like Black Friday and other holidays where consumers are most likely to spend their money, you need to put your added marketing budget in the right places.

Make sure you plan early and know your target audience so that you know the most effective ways and places to reach them. While there isn’t a clear-cut budget increase businesses should consider for Black Friday, plan a personalized strategy that you are comfortable with. Then have data analysis to back you up to ensure that you don’t overspend or direct your money to the wrong places.

Include Image and Video Ads

Image and video ads are great ways to add visual impact and bring attention to your brand. This can be especially interesting on social media sites and provide the intrigue needed for people to click on your ad and learn more about what you have to offer. Just think about yourself scrolling through Facebook. How much more likely are you to click on an ad with a picture than one with just text?

Did you know that people are much more likely to remember pictures than text messaging even days after viewing them? Increasing your chances of potential customers remembering your ad and what they were interested in may be just what you need!

What’s Worked in the Past?

Always review the past and see what worked and what didn’t. What can you learn from the past? For example, did specific images or messaging work better than others? What social media sites worked best for adding brand awareness and bringing customers to your site? Did you target your audience correctly and re-target them appropriately in the past? What PC add tips can you give yourself for this coming year?

You can learn many lessons from your previous attempts to gain business. Some things you’ll try again, and others you’ll never even consider trying. Maybe you’ll be able to tweak ideas you’ve tried before to make them even better this year. Learn from your experiences to gain even more traction this year.

Be Willing to Try Something New

There are always new ideas and new things to spark the interest of online shoppers. Consider trying something new, like adding a countdown to when your Black Friday sale begins or when it ends to add to the anticipation and fun. Also, let customers know when certain products are low in quantity. Both these ideas are examples of what you can do to create that sense of urgency and push shoppers looking to make a purchase.

Add Google Ads Promotion Extensions

Google Ads promotion extensions are a line that appears under your ad and highlights a sale you are offering on your website. This extension includes a price tag icon. For Black Friday (or any other special holiday or occasion), you can add unique wording like “Black Friday Sale” and list when the sale will end.

This promotion extension helps your ad stand out from others, making shoppers notice your sale and then hopefully click on your site over another. Give it a try if you’ve never used it before!

Offer Discounts on Abandoned Cart Purchases

There can be many reasons for shoppers to leave items in their cart instead of going through with their purchase. They could be checking on competitors’ pricing, second-guessing the amount they are willing to spend on your product, or they could have simply been interrupted. No matter the reason, you want and need to get them back to your site to complete their purchase.

Emailing or texting these customers that have abandoned their cart with an incentive is a great way to help them return and get ready to checkout. Some of these incentives may include:

  • Offering free shipping
  • Including a discount code if a purchase is completed in the next 24 hours
  • Giving a quick guest checkout option to minimize the time it takes to checkout
  • Showing similar products that they may like

You want customers to enjoy shopping with you. Removing the obstacles in their way is a great starting point!

Get Ready for Black Friday NOW!

Don’t wait another minute – Black Friday is coming whether you’re ready or not. ARYU Advertising wants you to be prepared and equipped to help get you there. By utilizing these PPC ad tips, your business will be booming.

Give ARYU Advertising a call today to discuss your vision for Black Friday and beyond. We are ready to implement these PPC ad tips to make your business even more successful.