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The current global climate has forced all businesses (Facebook included) to focus on services that consumers both need and want post-pandemic outbreak. We’ve been saying it for years, and now it could not be more accurate. Your business needs an online presence moving forward! 

Consumers are searching for goods and services via the web to minimize the chance of being infected. Businesses with existing online presences were able to add services to their base easily and switch their focus online by providing curbside pick-up, regulating local inventory to stay relevant at the time when we needed it most, and so much more.

Now, let’s talk about what is needed to be successful. First of all, you need good content. That means mixing in informative pictures and videos to show the lifestyle/culture of your business. Having a presence is just half the battle; the other is having good social media engagement. That means likes, comments, shares, recommendations, tags, and so on.

If your customer is taking the time to leave you a personal comment online, spend the time replying. Take it from someone who knows. Doing this requires an authentic story. And it requires you to be passionate about your business, expressing it for the world to see. It’s crucial that you communicate why people should come to see you for that specific service.

Now, how do you increase the engagement on your page? Let’s dive in!

Engagement Worthy Content

Think about the brands and posts that get your attention and engagement on social media. What do you like? What makes you stop and read? You are more likely to stop and read a post because it’s personableinformativecreative, or funny!

Think about it this way: if your business is already successful, all you need to do is showcase who you are in a digital manner, which means taking pictures and videos documenting who your company is and what you have to offer.

When thinking of creating social content, keep a few things in mind:

  • Show your human side
  • Inform (sales, news, statistics, upcoming events)
  • Ask questions
  • Do more videos
  • Take advantage of trending topics
  • Respond and engage with tags and comments
  • Do a giveaway

There are millions of ways to participate in the social era that is Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Pay to Play

In 2018, Facebook decided to prioritize friends and family rather than brands. This decision marked a major shift for the brand. Here’s what we’ve learned since then. Your feed is curated based on what you tend to engage with the most. That can mean that you commented, liked, or just paused to read. So, if you love following a page but wonder why you never see it on your feed, it’s likely because you are not consistently engaging with their post.

So how many of your followers are actually seeing your content? About 10%! If you have 1,000 followers, only 100 of them are seeing your content.

Here’s my favorite question: How do you get more people to engage with you? 

You have to advertise. That means allocating a monthly budget to spend on boosting, page promotions, and social media advertising campaigns! Facebook and Instagram have learned how to monetize their platform, and as you can guess, businesses across the world are the ones having to opt-in.

You have little to no option as Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly users! There is no other platform that offers a curated audience for your business. The opportunities to conquer new leads are there. Now, all you need to do is plan out a marketing strategy.

Things to Consider

  • Set an advertising budget
  • Find an expert to take over your business account
  • Invest in quality content
  • Follow a posting schedule
  • Keep up with Facebook News and updates
  • Use hashtags

Running Successful Social Media Accounts

Facebook continues to grow and evolve. It’s your responsibility to keep up with the changes that are going to affect your business. Now, why is it so difficult to execute a good social media strategy? It takes TIME, as well as trial and error.  

We would all love to post something that goes viral. Unfortunately, no one has the perfect recipe to go viral. It’s a fascinating phenomenon that has even changed countless lives forever!

Remember the guy on a skateboard drinking cranberry juice? His viral success allowed him to ditch the RV he’d been living in and buy a house! As you can see, there is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to be successful online.

I Don’t Have the Time to Handle Social Media 

We get it! That is how most of our clients feel. Social media for businesses can be complicated, time-consuming, and confusing, which is where our team of experts comes in. Here at ARYU Advertising, we understand that your priority is running a business and running it well. Much like you’re an expert in what you do, we are an expert on all things social media and online marketing!

Our expertise is growing brands’ online presence through a careful and thoughtful curated online marketing strategy. Our expert opinion and recommendation for entrepreneurs? Hire a team that understands your passion and sees the vision for your business. And don’t stop adjusting to the ever-changing world of business!

Take the plunge and schedule a free consultation with our team! Remember, “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” -Thomas Jefferson. Give ARYU Advertising a call today!