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What are On-Site Analytics?

On-site analytics are one-half of the overall web analytics category,
with the other being off-site analytics.

On-site analytics are the traditional analytics that marketers use to measure
visitor behavior on a website, including landing pages. While most agencies use on-site analytics
as a tool to assess the effectiveness of a website, ARYU uses these tools to dig deeper.

What Do On-site Analytics Measure

ARYU collects, measures, and analyzes on-site data for the purpose of understanding how your
website visitors interact with your business and how to maximize on it. On-site analytics are used to
measure web traffic, conduct business and market research, and test the effectiveness of ads.

Web Traffic

Web Traffic

Your web traffic analytics should measure more than just how many visitors landed on your site. The real data is how they engaged once they were in. Heatmaps offer a visual representation to a user’s behavior on your site by tracking mouse moves, scrolls, and clicks.

Business & Market Research

Market Research

Understanding your target market and how they engage with your business can give insight on how to serve them better. Analyzing keywords your competitors are ranking and optimizing ad campaigns to capture more of that traffic can lead to greater revenue generation and a wider reach.

Ad Effectiveness

Ad Effectiveness

On-site analytics can determine ad effectiveness by measuring search intent to determine if your webpage is meeting your visitor’s needs. ARYU is able to conduct intent analysis through text and image optimization to provide concrete answers to a campaign’s toughest questions.


On-Site Analytics

Analytics is a never-ending process. As technology and consumer behavior changes, your page performance will change with it. Having an effective on-site analytics strategy that is part of a larger web analytics strategy will ensure your business responds to competitors, consumers, and even internal changes.

ARYU provides monthly and even weekly reporting that compares page performance, visitor engagement, and ad effectiveness to ensure no budget is wasted and ROI continues to increase.

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