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Off-Site Analytics. What is it?

Off-site analytics is the second-half of the overall web analytics category, with the other being on-site analytics.

While on-site analytics measures activity and interaction directly on your website, off-site analytics measures the external digital activity involving your business.

Social buzz, content sharing, and measurement of website’s potential audience well as a close eye on competition is all attainable through off-site analytics.

ARYU’s Off-Site Analytics

ARYU’s objective is grow your business through each of its services. Growing a business takes a lot of planning and research and there’s no better way to research than through off-site analytics. ARYU’s off-site analytics helps businesses in two ways:

Target Audience Analysis

When targeting an audience in a PPC advertising campaign, a goal should be to increase the share of your brand’s voice. Increasing the voice increases your audience pool which translates to more conversions. ARYU utilizes sophisticated keyword analysis tools to target the many different ways a prospective customer can search for your business.

A larger audience base gives insight to the topics and sites they care most about. Being equipped with this knowledge will identify lookalike audiences that will help your business connect with a new target audience to add on to your advertising potential.

Competitive Analysis

Outflank your competition by identifying gaps in their strategy and using that data as leverage into your advertising campaigns. ARYU’s competitive analysis will not only help in analyzing your known competitors but will also bring into the spotlight competition that you never accounted for.

Once competitor roll call is conducted, ARYU will identify key areas such as your competitors’ web traffic, keywords, backlinks, market share and how that all compares to your business. Understanding your competition and their moves is paramount to any advertising campaign and ultimately, your profitability.

What Makes ARYU Good?

Most agencies put their effort and focus only on on-site analytics but ARYU knows that type of reporting only paints half the picture.

Complementing on-site analytics with off-site analytics keeps you proactive when campaign planning which keeps an ad budget from being wasted.

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