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What is Local SEO?

Local search, or local SEO, is what puts a business’s product or service
front and center on search engines for local prospects to view.

To be listed in this prime real estate organically, or without the use of advertising, many factors
go into play that decide your relevancy for a user’s local search result.

Local SEO Strategies

Over the years, SEO as a whole has become less technical and more strategic. Small business owners can put on their marketer hat and manage SEO themselves. However, that lost time could go to growing other aspects of their business. When you partner with ARYU, the best practice strategies for local search will always be in play:


Online Directories

This includes Google My Business. ARYU will set the foundation for your business being found online, starting with Google. Google always rolls out updates to Google My Business which most businesses don’t take advantage of. Another important factor when it comes to online directories is that there’s a lot of them– over 150 to be more specific. Making sure your business name, address, and phone number is consistent across them all is a daunting task. Leave it to ARYU!


Your Website

Two of the most important factors that deem a website worthy to Google are mobile-friendliness and load speed. Ensure your website checks both of these boxes first before proceeding to more intermediate and advanced SEO tactics. When optimizing a site, it’s important to keep the focus at a “local level.” Creating content that’s locally descriptive, adding a Google Map to your location page, and optimizing on-page descriptors to target your geographic area will help increase local ranking.

Linking Building &

Extra Effort

Getting inbound link, or link building, helps boost local SEO. When other websites, especially websites with authority, link to your website, it tells Google that you’re a legitimate company which then increases your domain authority. What’s the best way to get inbound links? Network! Guest blogging on industry-related sites, joining a local chamber of commerce, and copromoting with influencers are great ways to get inbound links.

How can ARYU Help?

Although ARYU specializes in paid search, its background is comprised of SEO. Let ARYU help you
reclaim more time back in your day and it will guide your local business to success.

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