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Future Proof Your Business With The Power Of External Data Analytics

The common agency approach is to use web analytics solely to measure web traffic.

With proper data, ARYU can sift through what is potentially causing a missed conversion on your website.

Intelligent Analytics Process

The scope of how data is collected now as compared to just 10 years ago provides a level of insight and granularity that can be used as a tool for business intelligence and market research, not just to test the effectiveness of a website.

Step 1

Gather historic data and new data following the launch of a new advertising campaign.

Step 2

Model data into actionable information. This info is specifically metrics used for (KPI).

Step 3

KPIs are set to focus on conversions, but not exclusively. Any business goal can be measured.

Step 4

Whether initial campaign or A/B testing, strategies always tie back to the initial needs and requirements of a business.

Step 5

A roadmap that covers all the steps required to launch successfully.


Sources of Analytics

ARYU will measure the behavior of visitors on your website, including landing pages.

Through integrated tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, ARYU can measure data beyond the simple point and click.


Sources of Analytics

The measurement of your business performance on the internet as a whole.

This includes opportunities, visibility, and comments made on reputation sites and social platforms. ARYU analyzes it all.

What Clients Are Saying

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Great company and really helped my
business grow to its full potential

Testimonial Comma

Energetic, Efficient and Effective!

Saad Khan
Testimonial Comma

Did a great job on my site.

Ron S.
Testimonial Comma

Great People to work with, professional, everything you should expect!!! Would recommend them to anyone!

Morgan Henneman
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We used them for our Dermatology clinic to create our website and start an online presence. The work that was done by them in the last 3 months has been tremendous.

Sana Laheji
Testimonial Comma

Great company! I love these guys!

Ramez Shamieh
Testimonial Comma

Great to work with, knows the marketplaces and offers great knowledge in the industry. A++++

Neal Balog
Testimonial Comma

Misha and the team started doing lead pay per click for our clinic a few months ago and the success has been great since we can measure patients coming in. It was a good relief coming from our last agency and having the experience we did. I appreciate that they were local because we were tired of dealing with people over the phone and not knowing who was who. Would recommend them.

Sarah Abdullah
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The best in the business !!! Professional and timely - hands down, the most innovative web design and marketing company out there !!!! They do it all  from IT service to SEO marketing  you will not be disappointed!!!

Lance Georgekutty
Testimonial Comma

I used Mo and his team to design a website / logo for our performance shop. The design was exactly what we wanted but the biggest asset was the marketing and countless hours of advice that was provided to help bring in more business. I don't understand marketing and for someone to explain to me and answer every question was a change of atmosphere from where my precious advertising money was spent. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sammy Abdullah
Testimonial Comma

These guys are awesome. We use then at our firm for marketing and IT. I will tell you the personal touch and attention we get from Mo and the team has been amazing. We had used many firms in the past but most marketing agencies had over promised and always under delivered. I would recommend them anyway.

Ken White
Testimonial Comma

Best company in Arlington! Ain't no one can beat them.

Abdel Afify
Testimonial Comma

Website design, digital marketing & basically anything technical lol

Reyana Kassira
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Used them for marketing for our dealership. Great ROI and really managed our online reputation.

Huda Jubain

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