Intelligent Analytics

Web analytics that eliminate the guesswork on what to do next.

The common agency approach is to use web analytics solely to measure web traffic. The scope of how data is collected now as compared to just 10 years ago provides a level of insight and granularity that can be used as a tool for business intelligence and market research, not just to test the effectiveness of a website.

Step One

Gather historic data and new data following the launch of a new advertising campaign.

Step Two

Model data into actionable information. This information is specifically metrics used for key performance indicators (KPI).

Step Three

KPIs are set to focus on conversions, but not exclusively. Any business goal can be measured.

Step Four

Whether initial campaign or A/B testing, strategies always tie back to the initial needs and requirements of a business.

Sources for Analytics


ARYU will measure the behavior of visitors on your website, including landing pages. Through integrated tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, ARYU can measure data beyond the simple point and click.


The measurement of your business performance on the internet as a whole. This includes opportunities, visibility, and comments made on reputation sites and social platforms. ARYU analyzes it all.

Turn Analytics Into Success