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ARYU’s Analytics

What makes ARYU’s approach to analytics different? Well, for starters, it’s intelligent but not in a braggadocious type of way. ARYU uses artificial intelligence to determine, above all else, what affects a business’s bottom line.

Not all Analytics are Created Equal

Other agencies either don’t track enough or inundate you with meaningless analytics that causes confusion. A 30-page monthly report with a bunch of jargon and graphs means they’re doing something right, right? ARYU doesn’t fall into the notion of perceived value because perception isn’t reality. ARYU puts together reporting that’s clear, concise and truly actionable.

A Deeper Look into ARYU’s Process

State-of-the-art analytics tools are being deployed by big business but that doesn’t mean small and medium-sized businesses can’t upgrade their analytics model. Let ARYU Upgrade you.

ARYU Uses Algorithms That Find Data
Patterns & Offer Recommendations

From goal tracking, to click tracking, to interactive user heatmaps; ARYU combs through patterns that provide insight to what changes need to be made on an ad or even marketing to sales level.

ARYU Combines Multiple Sources of Data to Give a Comprehensive Look at Ad Performance

No data scientist needed. ARYU has the ability to model and analyze structured data from relevant datasets in your business to accurately gauge ad performance and ROI.

ARYU Provides Advanced Testing Models to
Forecast Campaign Performance

Upping the budget? Rolling out a new campaign? The ability to test potential outcomes in your digital advertising strategy is a major competitive advantage.

Jack and Jill operate a local water delivery service

Jack invests the money he earns by day trading random stocks in his spare time. Jill puts her money with an experienced investment broker who strategically trades on her behalf, gives personalized investment advice, and even helps future plan her retirement.

It’s obvious who’s making the smart move in this example. ARYU lives and breathes analytics and is entrusted by many business owners to manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend on a monthly basis.

Measuring analytics isn’t exclusive to just optimizing campaigns to make more money but also to mitigate losses at the same time.

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