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What is Display Advertising?

Think of display ads as the new and improved newspaper classifieds.

While text ads are geared mainly for search results, display ads are exclusive to webpages.
Display ads are image heavy so access to a professional designer is necessary.

While not as intent driven as paid search, display advertising puts your ads on websites you specify to help attract new customers at the very top of the funnel.

This is a perfect way to put your brand in front of someone who may not be searching for your product or service but is browsing a website that could position your brand as a cross-sell or up-sell.

Display Advertising Networks

Target your audience on different networks.

There’s a lot of ad networks out there, so who do you choose? ARYU recommends keeping your focus on Google AdSense and Facebook Audience Network Ads. The sheer size of both networks alone makes this an easy sell, but the versatility of each platform and intuitive UI makes the decision that much easier.

We know display ads are cost effective, but what about the click rate? Data shows only .06 percent of people click on display ads. However, the key objective for display ads is more for brand awareness than conversions. Serving your business’s ad in a site that has over one million visitors means 60,000 people clicking on your ad. Display advertising is a surefire way to continuously add more prospects to the top of your funnel and guide them on a journey that ultimately leads to sales.

Google Adsense

11.5 million. That’s the number of sites in the AdSense network. When taking the cost of display ads and calculating the return, display advertising delivers a positive ROI for its users. Reason being is the average cost per click is only 58 cents. That pales in comparison to paid search’s average CPC of almost two dollars.

Facebook Audience Network Ads

While Facebook network doesn’t have as many websites as Google’s, they still have a large database of information about their users which makes the ads work.

The Audience Network platform is intuitive and helps put your ads where they need to go.

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Display Advertising

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