What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that visitors first land on
after they click a link in an email or an ad.

Designed For

These landing pages are designed specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.


Their purpose is to receive & convert traffic funneled in from your online marketing campaign.


While typical web pages encourage you to explore the site in its entirety, a landing page is crafted with a single goal, or a call-to-action (CTA).

These CTAs are some of the most effective ways of improving your conversion rates.

Benefits of Using a Landing Page

Scale your business to drive more revenue.

Landing pages are designed to sell.

A visitor will click on a landing page with the intent of either learning more about your product or service or converting into a lead or sale through the page’s call-to-action (CTA).

Using a well-optimized landing page for a PPC campaign over just your website not only increases conversion rates but also lowers the cost per acquisition.

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What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Every landing page needs to excel in these three departments
to produce a positive return



A carefully selected hero shot that torepresents exactly what a product or service is. Button design and color have a psychological undertone that can help drive conversions.


Google indexes webpages “mobile-first,” meaning an Ad’s Quality Score will be affected if it is not mobile-friendly. Lower ad scores mean higher cost per acquisition.

Load Speed

Sites that load in five seconds or less see 70 percent longer average sessions. The longer your visitors are on your landing page, the more time they have to convert.

Ad Copy


This is what entices people to click! Having high-volume keywords written in an eye-catching way is how you make a first impression.


The description should complement your headline by describing your product or service in a compelling yet concise way.

Social Proof

Write about how others trust your business and include their testimonials. It’s a vote of confidence that new visitors to your site care about.



Customers love incentives, and making an offer that enables a visitor to take action helps move them further down the funnel.


Dynamic ads that show dwindling real-time inventory quantity or appointment slots that are filling help motivate people to buy.

Show The Value

A visitor clicked on your ad, but don’t stop there. By adding video, your landing page conversion rate can increase by 80 percent.

What Clients Are Saying

Great company and really helped my
business grow to its full potential


Energetic, Efficient and Effective!

Saad Khan

Did a great job on my site.

Ron S.

Great People to work with, Professional , everything you should expect!!! Would recommend them to anyone!

Morgan Henneman

We used them for our Dermatology clinic to create our website and start an online presence. The work that was done by them in the last 3 months has been tremendous.

Sana Laheji

Great company! I love these guys!

Ramez Shamieh

Great to work with, knows the marketplaces and offers great knowledge in the industry. A++++

Neal Balog

Misha and the team started doing lead pay per click for our clinic a few months ago and the success has been great since we can measure patients coming in. It was a good relief coming from our last agency and having the experience we did. I appreciate that they were local because we were tired of dealing with people over the phone and not knowing who was who. Would recommend them.

Sarah Abdullah

The best in the business !!! Professional and timely - hands down, the most innovative web design and marketing company out there !!!! They do it all  from IT service to SEO marketing  you will not be disappointed!!!

Lance Georgekutty

I used Mo and his team to design a website / logo for our performance shop. The design was exactly what we wanted but the biggest asset was the marketing and countless hours of advice that was provided to help bring in more business. I don't understand marketing and for someone to explain to me and answer every question was a change of atmosphere from where my precious advertising money was spent. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sammy Abdullah

These guys are awesome. We use then at our firm for marketing and IT. I will tell you the personal touch and attention we get from Mo and the team has been amazing. We had used many firms in the past but most marketing agencies had over promised and always under delivered. I would recommend them anyway.

Ken White

Best company in Arlington! Ain't no one can beat them.

Abdel Afify

Website design, digital marketing & basically anything technical lol

Reyana Kassira

Used them for marketing for our dealership. Great ROI and really managed our online reputation.

Huda Jubain

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