The Power of Social Media Advertising

7 Tips for Promoting a Business on Social Media

It doesn't matter whether your business is big or small, you've probably figured out by now that promoting a business on social media is in your best interest. Social media has its pros and cons but overall, the pros seem to outweigh any disadvantages by a landslide. You might be using social media already, or maybe you’ve just been thinking about making it part of your marketing strategy. Either way, some helpful hints and tips are always nice to gather along the way. Get ready to elevate your social media “know how” with just a few simple ideas. Let’s go!…

What is Paid Media?

To gain recognition and boost their engagement, businesses must develop a well-crafted content strategy. And this strategy cannot rely purely on one tactic to do its job. There needs to be several working parts to get the most out of your strategy. To generate qualified leads, you must regularly put together curated content crafted to engage with your target audience. This content must be compelling and contain valuable information that will convert these individuals into valued customers. You have to post engaging content, whether on your social media channels or as a blog on your website. Don’t be afraid to…

Increasing Your Social Media Engagement 

The current global climate has forced all businesses (Facebook included) to focus on services that consumers both need and want post-pandemic outbreak. We’ve been saying it for years, and now it could not be more accurate. Your business needs an online presence moving forward!  Consumers are searching for goods and services via the web to minimize the chance of being infected. Businesses with existing online presences were able to add services to their base easily and switch their focus online by providing curbside pick-up, regulating local inventory to stay relevant at the time when we needed it most, and so…

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