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Traditional Call Tracking

Older call tracking presented limitations that kept businesses in the dark when it came to valuable call data.

Some of these limitations include:

  • No integration with other systems or analytics platforms
  • Inability to profile callers based on previous interactions
  • Tracking drops off at the last touchpoint before a call
  • Couldn’t fire custom events due to lacking automation

ARYU Call Tracking

Powered by AI

ARYU’s call tracking analyzes offline data just as well as online. If your call reporting stops when the phone is picked up, this solution is for you:

Attribute calls to a visitor’s PRE-call activity, such as social, email, or organic search. Yes, you read that correctly. Know about your customer BEFORE they call.

Automate the caller experience with advanced features such as qualifying and routing calls based on custom rules.

Integrate this valuable business intelligence with other systems such as CRMs or even offline platforms.

Utilize this broadened dataset to create lookalike audiences and expand your advertising reach even further.

What ARYU Provides

Today’s buyer journey is scattered. With so many different ways for a customer to interact with
your brand makes it that much harder for you to track your marketing efforts.

Keyword Tracking

Know which keywords, ads, and landing pages are working best for your campaign to increase those budgets. Inversely, know which keywords aren’t performing to save your ad budget.


How would you like it if your CRM updated whenever your repeat customers called? Or even seeing when last conversations with clients were to reengage them?

Call Recording

Call recording on a basic level is used for quality assurance and training purposes, like the automated announcements say. On a deeper level, it’s used for gaining insight on your customer’s journey.

Referral Tracking

Know which source is yielding the most benefit or is not performing up to par. Have a granular look at campaign performance to make the best marketing decisions.

Call Data

Your reporting will show peak call hours, number of daily calls, average length of each call and more. This will not only help with campaign planning but with operational planning too.

Dynamic Number Setup

Have more than one ad? You need more than one number. This will better allow you to closely monitor campaign performance down to the ad level.

Luckily, with advancements in technology and with just the right help, your advertising budgets can be justified down to the last dollar.

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